Treasure Keepers Children’s Centre Inc.
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The Parent Board It takes a community to raise a child
Treasure Keepers Children’s’ Centre is a non-profit organization
whose operations are managed by an Executive Director, Assistant
Director and overseen by a governing Board of Directors.
A non-profit organization is structured so that a group of committed
individuals operating as the Board of Directors constitutes the
governing body of the organization. Our By-laws direct that we have a
Board of Directors (or members), consisting of both parents and
community members. The Board operates on a 'governance model',
setting guidelines and goals and polices that determine the long-term
direction of the day care and approves the overall budget for the
operation of the facility.
The Board’s role is, as mentioned, “governance”. “Governance”
refers to the policies and procedures that direct the overall operation of
the organization.  Board members use these policies and procedures,
which have been voted and passed at Board meetings, to provide the
structure within which the Executive Director is expected to operate
the child care centres. The Board does not play a direct role in the day
to day operation of the centres. This is the role of the Executive
Director, hired and supervised by the Board to run the centres.
Interested in becoming a Board Member, or learning more about
our Board?  Contact Us! <>
We have meetings once a month on the 3rd Monday of each month at
5:00 pm in the Library at the Arborgate School. For an accurate list of
meeting days and time, please contact us.

Chair: Ingrid Stalman
Treasurer:Katharina Sell
Secretary: Taryn Fowlands

Board Members:
Teresa Yestrau (Principal Arborgate School)
Laura Corbett (Assistant Director)

Ingrid Stalman - Chair
When my oldest joined the daycare I was a little lost and had no idea
what was all involved with the daycare. I had no experience with a
licensed daycare. I wanted to learn more and started to attend board
meetings (fall 2012). Rapidly I started understanding what the board
was all about and the importance of the board. Now 1.5 years later I
still love to be a part of TKCC. I am proud to be part of the daycare.
Together we can make the daycare a better place for our children, the
parents and the staff of course!
Katharina - Treasurer
I moved to Canada 2006 from Germany. I have a cute little boy his
name is Marlay and I'm married to a wonderful man, Sebastian. I joined
the Board in fall 2013. My reasons have been to understand the
process of the daycare and to be more involved into my little ones
second home.
Teresa Yestrau - Member
I am the Principal at Arborgate School.  I have been a member of the
Treasure Keepers board for 6 years.  One of the Treasure Keeper
locations is located in Arborgate School.   I enjoy serving on this board
as a way to build community and to better support the activities of the
daycare within our school setting.  TKCC events also allow me to
connect with parents even before students begin to attend school.

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